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How 3D Technology is Improving Athletics

You know that 3D modeling and simulation technology from Dassault Systemes is used in engineering products like cars and airplanes. But did you know it can be used to improve athletic footware and thus improve athletic performance?

Not only can designers use CATIA to change the look and functionality of athletic footwear, but analysts can use SIMULIA to simulate how the shoe performs on various surfaces.

However, what's changing the game is the potential for 3D modeling to be readily available to the public. What does this mean for the amateur athletes of the world? Soon, you'll potentially be able to get athletic equipment made specifically for you. Potentially, you'll visit a booth that scans your feet and other body parts. Then, you'll take the scan to a sports outlet that can design and fit equipment to fit your exact specifications. Personalized design is the future of athletic equipment.

See how 3D technology is impacting the athletic footwear of the future in this video from Dassault Systemes:

Learn more about this initiative by Dassault Systemes here.

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