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SIMULIA Analysis for Designers


Today product developers are up against several challenges: trying to shorten the time to market, meet safety requirements, manufacture with cost reductions, and more. However, there is a way to streamline and integrate the product development process in order to use less resources and time: fusing the design and analysis process.

With SIMULIA Analysis for Designers, there's no need to be an analyst to perform analysis. SIMULIA Analysis for Designers are intended for designers and design engineers using CATIA V5 who want to accurately size designs and quickly evaluate performance.

Performing realistic simulation earlier in the design process provides a positive impact on time, profitability, and competitiveness. Integrating realistic simulation into the design process gives manufacturers the ability to evaluate the performance of multiple design alternatives prior to physical prototyping, making it possible to develop high-quality products in less time and at lower cost.

SIMULIA Analysis for Designers includes the SIMULIA Nonlinear and Thermal Analysis products, as well as the CATIA Analysis products. Within the CATIA V5 design environment, designers can perform analysis directly on their master reference model right in the CATIA interface. Then, designers can modify their designs without waiting on a full-on analysis in SIMULIA.

Would you like to add SIMULIA Analysis for Designers onto your CATIA configuration? Now is the time! We are offering discounts on SIMULIA Analysis for Designers through the end of the year. Find out more.

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