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When Is It Time to Purchase SIMULIA?


Product developers in almost every industry use realistic simulation tools like Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA to validate and reveal behavior of products, gaining insight about possible outcomes. Many companies have their own in-house FEA experts, while others outsource their FEA projects to engineering consulting agencies. Determining when you should invest in SIMULIA for your analysis projects can be confusing. When is it actually more cost-effective to purchase your own license of SIMULIA? We've got advice for those contemplating a SIMULIA purchase for their FEA activities.

You're using physical testing a lot.

Physical testing has been the hallmark of product development since humans began making things. Today, there are so many manufactured products that require testing before mass production or release into the market. Physical testing is very expensive, time-consuming, can only be done in a specific location like a lab, and requires expensive equipment. When the physical test is done, your results tell you what happened (does the product pass or fail), but not why.

A virtual testing tool like SIMULIA can test your product in a completely virtual environment. It's cost-effective, quick (a simulation can be completed in a matter of hours), and can be done anytime and anywhere. In addition to seeing a pass or fail mark for your test, you also get the why--why exactly the results are the way they are.

You need greater efficiency in your model generation.

Creating prototypes is costly and time-consuming. Today's changing market requires faster time to market and thus faster product development and testing. SIMULIA provides a way to test your products and gather results quickly and efficiency, without the added burden of creating physical models. Consolidate your processes and tools in order to reduce costs and inefficiencies with SIMULIA.

You're taking on more FEA projects or developing a new product line.

Though it's often smart to enlist the help of an FEA expert engineering consultant with your analysis projects, if you're taking on several FEA projects and foresee analysis being a major part of your product development, you might want to consider investing in SIMULIA. A SIMULIA license may pay for itself if you justify the amount of cost savings you'll enjoy, including improved efficiency in model generation, greater efficiency in model generation, and less expensive, albeit more informative product tests. SIMULIA is an investment that can help your organization produce better analysis in less time: a win for your productivity and your customer! Improve your product performance while meeting performance and operating specifications.

If you're contemplating possibly enhancing your FEA activities and want to learn more about SIMULIA, RGBSI is a value-added reseller of Dassault Systemes products. To learn more, check out our Dassault Customer Portal, or contact us.

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