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How 3D Simulation Changed the Way We See Da Vinci's Machines

What if Leonardo Da Vinci had Dassault's 3DEXPERIENCE? Recently, Dassault Systemes’ hosted the 2014 Da Vinci competition,  in partnership with HP AMD Scala and Clos Luce castle.  The competition invited participants to choose one codex among those previously selected by Scala Archives in the community. Participants were asked to design the machine described in the codex in 3D.

More than 2200 votes were placed in the community. Dassault announced that first place went to a mechanical engineering student at UTBM France named Thibault Waltzer.

While respecting the technology and materials of Da Vinci’s time, Thibault Waltzer used Dassault’s CATIA to design the shape and kinematics of the system.  He was able to combine two of Da Vinci’s concepts: the Helix system with the Flying machine, in order to create the “Flying Pack’.  He successfully recreated Da Vinci’s original drawings into  3D, and was able to design and invent a new machine. To view the runner ups' designs, please click here.

Dassault's 3DEXPERIENCE products provide a new way for us to interact with machinery. Re-imagining and creatively solving not only design challenges of today, but of yesterday, 3DS is a tool that can take your product design to the next level. Designing, simulating, and testing on a virtual platform can save time and resources. To find out more about how your organization can leverage a Dassault software product in your business, please visit our Dassault portal.

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