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How to Decide if You Need an Engineering Consultant

Projects large and small sometimes require the help of outside resources. But how do you decide when you need to bring in an engineering consultant and when you can probably take on the project alone?

Engineering consultants can be lifesavers when you’re drowning in a sea of unfinished projects. When your organization is facing a project that you don’t necessarily have the time, resources, or experience to accomplish, it may be time to consider bringing in an engineering consultant to help get the job done.

We’ve compiled a list of signs you might need to hire outside help to successfully complete your project.

You’re short on time and you need a quick turnaround to meet a deadline.

Maybe you own the right software and have the right team members, but are still considering enlisting the help of a consultant. Many engineering consultants are hired due to project scheduling conflicts such as approaching project deadlines or overscheduling.

Taking the burden off of the in-house team and allowing a third party consultant to complete the project can free up time in-house to focus on other efforts: either other areas or building up internal experience to do the job internally the next time around.

You can’t justify developing in-house capabilities such as analysis, simulation, etc.

Perhaps you’ve taken on a project that you just don’t have the in-house experience or capabilities for. Though at the time you might have believed you could develop such resources quickly, you’re pressed for time and expertise. Or maybe you don’t see a project like this often and don’t feel the need to develop the expertise at the moment.

Either way, consider hiring a consultant that has the expertise and resources that you don’t have. When developing these type of capabilities in house, it’s not just buying the software. It’s spending the time training and hiring engineers to take over projects. If you’re not going to do analysis or simulation often, it might be more cost-effective to let someone else take over.

Your project requires niche experience that you don’t have.

Many engineering projects require niche expertise that you may not currently have on your staff. Engineering consultants are usually more focused on the details of a project, going beyond the everyday activities. They might have done ten projects that focus on predicting the effects of water flow and wear on a structure. Ask yourself if your project can be tackled with your expertise or if it would help to bring someone in who has more experience. It’ll save you time in the long run.

You aren’t getting creative ideas and need some fresh insight.

Engineering consultants see a variety of projects. While your company may focus on the same types of analysis every day, a consultant who knows little about the way you do things might provide a sense of freshness to your work. Getting another set of eyes on a project you’ve been focused on for a while can channel some creativity into your work.

If you’re nodding your head after reading the above list, it’s probably time to research some engineering consulting companies to hire for your engineering projects.  To save you some time on Google, checkout RGBSI’s Engineering Services. We provide services like FEA/CAE/CFD analysis, CAD conversions, competitive benchmarking, product development and design to companies in several industries, including aerospace, automotive, and energy. No matter your project, large or small, we’ll partner with you to get the results you need.

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