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What to Expect from Your Dassault Systemes VAR


Purchasing an analysis tool like SIMULIA is a solid and financially significant investment. When you purchase SIMULIA from a Dassault Value-Added Reseller (VAR), you can leverage their knowledge and expertise to make the most of your SIMULIA experience.

Selecting a VAR can make or break your SIMULIA experience. A good VAR can help ease your transition into the product and make you feel confident that you will be supported if you need assistance.

A good Dassault Systemes VAR has expert experience on staff.

The most reputable SIMULIA VARs use the product themselves and have expert users on staff. Those VARs that have used the software and have staff who have experience on projects similar to yours can assist you with choosing the right package for your projects, as well as provide demonstrations that show the power of the product using your desired SIMULIA product.

Your Dassault Systemes VAR should assist with installation--if you need assistance.

SIMULIA products can be tricky to install if it's your first experience with the software. A good VAR should be able to help you through the process either remotely or on-site. A good VAR can also help you debug your model if necessary.

Your Dassault Systemes VAR can point you to support resources.

Though there are multiple ways to access support for a tool like SIMULIA, including contacting the support team through phone or email, as well as using online tutorials or the 24/7 web-based support system. Some questions require more in-depth knowledge than others, but usually support personnel from either your VAR or Dassault can find an answer and documentation.

Your Dassault VAR should be able to offer a quick response time for questions and concerns, and should be able to find a solution or work with Dassault to find a solution to your inquiry.

Great communicators make good VARs.

When you're in the middle of a project and are experiencing difficulties, you need an immediate response. Good VARs respond quickly to their customers' inquiries and support questions. Even if you have the most experienced FEA experts on staff, most likely you will need the Dassault Systemes VAR for some type of support at some point. It's best to have someone you feel will be responsive so as not to slow down your project.

RGBSI is a Dassault Systemes VAR for SIMULIA, CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, and 3DS Academic. Check out our Dassault Customer Portal for more information.

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