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Harness the Power of Co-Simulation


Your industry is strapped with many challenges: stringent regulations for safety, shrinking products with more features, introduction of new materials, budget restrictions, global competition, and more. What if you could reduce simulation time, the number of hours to production, and therefore produce better products in less time?

Leveraging the co-simulation power of the Dassault Systemes software SIMULIA and Dymola, your simulation times can be tremendously reduced. When you harness the strength of both softwares, you organization can experience the realistic benefits of sophisticated simulation software.

What is SIMULIA?

SIMULIA enables users to leverage physics-based simulation and high-performance computing to explore real-world behavior of products. SIMULIA has the ability to create realistic simulation experiences improves product performance and reduces the need for physical prototypes. Delivering a scalable portfolio of realistic simulation solutions, including CATIA Analysis applications and the Abaqus product suite, SIMULIA has the power to deliver enhanced finite element analysis results.

What is Dymola?

Built upon Modelica, the language for dynamic behavior modeling, Dymola enables modeling and simulation of complex multiphysics systems. The Modelica open source language enables users to create their own component libraries implementing specific physical behavior. Users can also modify already existing components to adapt to their specific needs.

What is co-simulation?

Co-simulation technology allows runtime coupling of simulation codes, expanding the types of problems that can be solved and providing higher fidelity solutoins. SIMULIA's co-simulation engine (CSE) is an open scientific programming platform the provides a capability for SIMULIA partners and customers to couple their applications directly with Abaqus. Coupled together with Dymola, simulation times are tremendously reduced when information from Dymola aids to compute loads and displacements needs to attain SIMULIA models' steady state.

Where can I learn more?

Dassault Commercial Business Partners RGBSI and DPS are hosting a free live event at the Dassault Systemes Auburn Hills office. Registration begins at 8:45 a.m., with the program starting at 9 a.m. Explore how co-simulation can enhance your FEA practices with a presentation and accompanying demonstration from SIMULIA and Dymola. Continental breakfast is provided.

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