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PLM for the Cloud: The Future of PLM

You've heard the term "the cloud"-- it's one of the currently hot buzzwords. Many companies are making use of the cloud to help their customers get the most out of their products. For example, companies like Apple and Google are allowing customers to store and back-up their files from their devices on cloud-based storage.

The cloud is extending to more than just consumer products. Software companies are starting to take advantage of cloud technology to help their customers better collaborate with each other. Project Lifecycle Management software companies are no different. Many companies, such as Dassault Systemes, are promising a full set of cloud options for their customers.

Despite this exciting new technology, implementing the cloud is easier said than done for most businesses. Migrating the customer experience to the cloud isn't simple, which is why many companies have taken longer to adopt this technology. Many companies already invested in existing customized PLM platforms will have a complex time trying to migrate their projects to the cloud.Deciding whether to adopt a private cloud or public cloud is a decision that many companies, including those selling and implementing the software, are trying to make.

Despite those slow to adopt, the cloud technology isn't going away. Dassault Systemes' goal is to support all PLM cloud options by this year. It seems that the cloud is here to stay; however cloud architecture and implementation options will change over the next few years as the industry continues to embrace the new technology.

The cloud is assuredly the future for PLM, but it will take time for most companies, especially larger ones, to embrace the technology as well as manage the transition to this new storage option.

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