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SIMULIA vs. ANSYS: Which to Choose?

There are several simulation tools on the market that it’s often hard to determine which you should use.  Two of the largest FEA software brands are ANSYS and SIMULIA. In engineering consulting conversations, the term FEA (finite element analysis) often comes up, especially when talking about the best FEA software to use for engineering projects.

FEA is a common method use to solve multi-physics problems. FEA simplifies the process of finding solutions for difficult problems with a numerical methodology. In simple terms, FEA is a faster way to get results to problems that are hard to solve.

As many engineers agree, both are high quality tools; however, some projects speak to one better than the other. In addition, some engineers just plainly prefer one over the other.

But how do they compare? We've broken it down for you here.

Comparison of SIMULIA vs. ANSYS

ANSYS Offerings

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural Mechanical
  • Electromechanical
  • Systems and Multiphysics

SIMULIA Offerings

  • Structural Mechanical
  • Motion
  • Systems and Multiphysics
  • Process Integration and Design Optimization

ANSYS Strengths

  • Leader in Fluids
  • Leader in Electromagnetics
  • Fair in SLM

SIMULIA Strengths

  • Leader in Structures
  • Fair in Motion
  • Strong in SLM
  • Leader in Process Integration and Design Optimization

ANSYS Drawbacks

  • Weak in Motion
  • Weak in Process Integration

SIMULIA Drawbacks

  • Weak in Fluids
  • Weak in Electromagnetics

Both ANSYS and SIMULIA offer specific things to specific people. If you’re looking to do fluid analysis, use ANSYS. If you’re looking for design optimization, you should use SIMULIA. When selecting an FEA software, think about the types of analysis you will be doing and choose your FEA product based on that.


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