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What is CAE?



This post is part of our series on debunking the acronyms of our business. Read our posts on CFDPPAPCAD and FEA to learn more about what those acronyms mean.

Every field of work has jargon. In marketing, you want to know the ROI and KPI. In law, you've got to know CFR, A-US, and ADA. Knowing the lingo is an important part of being credible on the job and keeping up with the experts. The field of engineering is no different, particularly when it comes to engineering software.

Today we're conquering the acronym CAE. CAE's letters stand for computer-aided engineering and encompasses some of the computer software we've already discussed, including CAD, FEA and CFD. Broadly, CAE refers to any computer software that aids in engineering, analysis and manufacturing tasks. In addition to CAD, FEA and CFD, CAE also includes MBD (multibody dynamics), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) and optimization.

CAE software is typically used for stress analysis, thermal and fluid flow analysis, kinematics and mechanical event simulation. Helping engineering teams make design changes earlier in the product development process, CAE helps engineers understand the performance implications, product behaviors and problems of their designs before the product put into production.

In CAE systems, drawings are developed and revised during the design process. Drawings are analyzed for stress, fluid flow, and/or thermal flow as appropriate. After revision, the drawings are converted directly into instructions for production machines that will manufacture the product. Both 2-D and 3-D applications can be used. Reducing the time needed to develop new products, CAE increases productivity and optimizes production flow. Using CAE helps produce better quality products with greater reliability and less chances of failure.

CAE is widely used in the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers have enable automakers to reduce product development costs and time while improving safety, comfort and durability of vehicles, a win for everyone.

To learn more about CAE, check out this video by FEA For All:




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