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Whitepaper: High Power Density by Design

High Power Density by Design Whitepaper

Discover the key design considerations when designing for high power density electronics & electrical systems for to achieve efficiency. 

Engineers are often challenged with space constraints, which means designers must develop designs that retain high power density, while being efficient and compact in size. For an electrical/electronic product to be considered as such, they must accommodate high voltage and current within a small enclosure. 

The goal of high power density designs is to reduce the size of power supply while optimizing power density and performance. With innovation, high power density is accomplished by design.

High Power Density Design Considerations

  • Size Reduction - develop designs that retain high power density, while being efficient and compact in size.
  • Thermal Optimization - innovative thermal cooling technology and gate-driver designs can be incorporated in electronic devices and electrical systems to overcome thermal barriers created by shifting the design to be more power dense.
  • EMI Performance - there must be an adequate margin between the conducted and radiated EMIs and the global regulatory requirements.
  • Gate Driver Design - send signals to a gate driver, which can significantly handle more power and operate MOSFET's.
  • Increased Switching Frequency - increasing switching frequency decreases the physical size and volume of passive components such as inductors, transformers, and capacitors.
  • Alternative Materials & Packaging -  use materials such as silicon carbide, gallium nitride, and nanocrystalline can make components lighter and selecting a thermal interface material with low thermal resistance is important for packaging.
  • PCB Layout - minimize loops, lower inductances, protect circuit nodes, and maintain natural current paths to optimize PCB layouts. 

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