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Get Fit This Year with Lean Recruiting

With the holidays over and the new year upon us, you might have a new year's goal to lose weight, to become more fit and trim. But what about trimming down in your recruiting? Lean recruiting initiatives in companies around the world are trying to trim the fat from organizations.

Lean recruiting helps organizations eliminate time wasting processes, resources and effort. Applying lean recruiting to your organization benefits your clients, as they have the best talent filling their positions quicker, and also benefits your candidates, as they land better opportunities with less effort. Working smarter, not harder is the main goal of lean recruiting.

If your average employee is meant to stay on the job for 2 years, it's plain inefficient to take 45-90 days to hire and onboard said person. Lean recruiting helps quicken the pace, saving time and resources.

Today, large organizations are focusing their talent acquisition budgets in content marketing, candidate research and candidate nurturing. No matter your size, your organization can take some simple steps in order to adopt a more lean recruiting process.

Develop a repeatable process: Efficient processes save time. By creating a simple process that is doable for every member of your team, you can optimize your tools and free your recruiters to do what they do best.

Automate your sourcing and searching: Use the right technology or processes to avoid wasted time.

Put candidate experience at the forefront:  If candidates don't enjoy your hiring process, why would they enjoy working for you? Enhance candidate communications and your career site to be completely user friendly.

Ask yourself and your colleagues:

  • What processes take too long?
  • For what customers is the time to fill increasing?
  • Are your recruiters ahead of the game or just recruiting when a job order comes through?

Most organizations are always looking for ways to become more efficient, saving time and resources. This year, simplify your recruiting lifecycle by adopting some of the principles of lean recruiting.

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