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RGBSI Celebrates 27 Years of Excellence

RGBSI Celebrates 27 Years of Excellence

As RGBSI celebrates 27 years of excellence, it reflects on a journey defined by persistence. From inception, RGBSI has been empowering global businesses by seamlessly integrating strategy with execution through its diverse solutions.

Transitioning from a technical consulting firm to a multinational enterprise, RGBSI now stands as an industry leader of B2B solutions, offering expertise in software, engineering consulting, and supply chain management. This reflects the company's profound ability to refine and enhance client operations on a full scale.


Zobility Launch

Last year marked a significant milestone for RGBSI with the launch of Zobility, a strategic transformation of its global brand identity in staffing and workforce management. Zobility represents an advancement in embracing talent mobility for the future of work. This underscores RGBSI’s dedication to providing a global reservoir of talent, while connecting skills with opportunities across borders.

Growth of Empower QLM

RGBSI’s leading Empower QLM software has gained an increasing client base. As an established, robust quality management system (QMS), Empower QLM is trusted by manufacturers aiming to ensure product integrity, mitigate risk, and achieve customer satisfaction. The tool has helped clients consolidate and automate processes such as APQP, PPAP, and SPC.

Introduction of Hardware Products

RGBSI Product Research and Development Center was recently inaugurated in Bangalore to launch new products like the RITS and ADAS cameras. These products serve to enhance transportation and manufacturing sectors, showcasing RGBSI's engineering acumen.

In celebration of RGBSI’s 27th anniversary, the company extends its deepest gratitude to its clients, employees, and partners who are integral to the success story. Looking ahead, RGBSI remains at the forefront of industry trends and will continue to support its clients in achieving their objectives. RGBSI anticipates building on its legacy of excellence, driven by the same passion and commitment that have marked history.


Through strategic partnerships, RGBSI helps clients enhance performance, adopt innovation, and access global resources. Its portfolio of solutions spans across the verticals of workforce management [Zobility, UpGlide], engineering, quality lifecycle management (QLM) [Empower QLM], and information technology (IT).

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