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4 Suggestions to Prevent Work Burnout

4 Suggestions to Prevent Work Burnout

Did you know that work “burnout” recently became classified as a formal medical condition by World Health Organization? For ages, people have used the phrase “burnout” to articulate mental and physical overexertion in any given area of life. A leading cause of burnout is work and its effects are damaging to one’s health.

Gallup conducted a study that unveiled the effects of employee burnout. The findings showed employees that felt burned out by work are:

  • 63% more likely to take a sick day.
  • 50% less likely to discuss performance goals with their manager.
  • 23% more likely to visit the emergency room
  • 13% less confident in their performance.

The best way to identify if you are experiencing work burnout is by taking a look at the symptoms:

  • Feeling negative and cynical about work
  • Being irritable with others in the work environment (coworkers, managers, clients)
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Feeling completely exhausted and energy depleted.

So now that you understand the effects of work burnout, what can you do to counteract it? Here are 4 suggestions to help you prevent work burnout.

1. Create boundaries

It is important to create boundaries so you have work life balance. Boundaries include setting a hard stop time for work and allocating time for hobbies, social interaction, and relaxation. This is especially important if you stay on task when working remote, as the line between work and personal time can be blurred.

2. Keep expectations in check

Keep yours and others expectations in check by establishing realistic timelines to complete tasks. Create a task list with due dates and learn how to prioritize projects. Most importantly leave work at work and do not let it linger into your personal time.

3. Get Sleep

Sleep is essential to revitalizing your body for what the next day has to bring. It is important to take the time to rest your mind so you can handle what tomorrow will bring. If you can’t fall asleep due to thinking about work, remind yourself that sleep is a precursor for being effective at work.

4. Know your limits

Everyone has their limits before they break. Being aware of the symptoms of burnout and knowing when you’re close to the burnout stage is key. When you are about to reach your limits, you know it’s time to do something to take your mind off work stress. This may include taking a vacation, seeing friends, or trying a new activity.  

Work burnout  is unbeneficial to your well being, your health, and ironically your work quality. Being mindful of where your head is at can help you identify burnout before it’s too late. It is important to work hard and to achieve your professional goals, but it is just as important to take some time to focus on your personal self too. Strategizing preventative measures can help you prevent work burnout from happening. You will feel better physically and mentally, while being more productive at work.


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