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After the Interview Thank You Notes - Ask a Recruiter

This week our Ask a Recruiter post takes on one of the most pesky job search tasks: after interview thank you notes.

You've found a great position, submitted your application, got a phone call and aced the interview. Now you wait for a decision, right?

Wrong. Before you get too excited about your potential new gig, you've got to send a thank you note to your interviewer. It's your last chance to make a lasting impression that will hopefully land you the job.

The thank you note is the main follow-up strategy to an interview, so our recruiters have some tips for making it count.

Whatever you do, send a note.

It's not necessary to stress out over whether to send an email or handwritten note, it's just important to actually send it. Many hiring managers expect some type of letter after an interview. The kind of note depends on the situation. Consider the company culture before following up. If the company is more traditional, consider a handwritten note. If the company is more forward thinking, email your note.

Use the typical sales letter structure.

A post-interview thank you letter should have 3 parts: thank the interviewer for their time, reiterate why you're a good fit, and close by saying you're looking forward to the next step. Referring what you talked about during the interview is always a nice touch.

Be timely.

It's great to follow up, but make sure you do it in a timely manner. Email thank you notes should be sent within one day of the interview. Handwritten notes should be sent as soon as possible due to the time it takes it send and receive postal mail.

Wrap up any loose ends.

In your note, address anything you left unsaid. Keep it short and to the point. Something you forgot to mention would probably go well in the second section of the note.

Create a genuine and excited tone.

Don't go overboard with appreciation; you'll come across as fake. The goal is to make yourself memorable and capable. Express your enthusiasm for the position and make sure you tell them why you're the best for the job and why.

Done properly, a thank you note can make all the difference in your ability to land the job you've been working hard to get. Don't think your job search process if over after the interview. Follow up in a timely manner to make sure you're conveying why you're the right person for the job! Good luck!

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