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RGBSI Reveals New Company Logo

New RGBSI Logo

RGBSI, a leading global staffing and business solutions company, is unveiling a new logo and brand identity. This marks the most significant change to the company’s visual identity in its 20 years of business. A fresh, modern design has been used for RGBSI’s new logo to influence brand image. The graphic enhancements are symbolic of the company’s forward progression.

The new logo uses four distinct colors to communicate RGBSI’s individual business segments: workforce management, engineering, quality lifecycle management, and IT solutions. “The goal of the logo and brand redesign is to encompass all facets of our business into a visual format that portrays the true value we provide clients, employees, and business partners,” said Ravi Kumar, President and CIO of RGBSI.

  • RGBSI’s dark gray typeface displays sophistication, while making a bold statement about modernism.
  • Orange represents its workforce management solutions, evoking optimism and injecting unity through candidate connections to employer opportunities.
  • Blue represents its engineering solutions, symbolizing client trust and loyalty in leveraging economies of scale for technical project delivery.
  • Green represents its quality lifecycle management solutions, showcasing supply chain optimization through renewal, improvement, and efficiency.
  • Magenta represents Its IT solutions, emphasizing the delivery of technological advancement to organizations for balance and innovation.

Initiation of the full redesign supports RGBSI’s true brand identity. “We want people to visually sense who we are, what we do, and why we do it,” said Kumar. RGBSI continues on a successful growth trajectory and has made a name for itself in an evolving market by emphasizing client centricity. The company places pivotal focus on exceptional client service standards and close relationship building. Continuous improvement has set the foundation for RGBSI’s persistence to create, thrive, and grow business ventures.

RGBSI continues to propel forward by delivering comprehensive solutions that engage clients in several areas of their operations. “By leveraging global resources and industry insight, we have a unique approach to tap the market. Our new logo matches our ambition and is imminent of our future,” said Kumar.

The company’s revived mission statement is to provide solutions for global organizations of all sizes through candidate proficiency, innovative technology, and process enhancements for engineering and IT advancement.

Reworking our mission statement plays a key role in our brand transformation. We have simplified our messaging to emphasis our core strength of building rewarding relationships. Our new mission presents how we address corporate pain points; our solutions are not confined by boundaries but are rather expansive in providing client segments with exactly what they need to excel in their operations. - Ravi Kumar, President and CIO of RGBSI

RGBSI will introduce its new logo and style elements in commerce through redesigned marketing collateral and a new website launch over the next few months.


RGBSI delivers total workforce management, engineering, quality lifecycle management, and IT solutions that provide strategic partnership for organizations of all sizes. The company leverages its expertise to fill workforce gaps and deliver full range business solutions that optimize client operations worldwide.

RGBSI is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2004 Rev C certified, as well as a Minority Business Enterprise.

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