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4 Types of Workplace Culture: Discover Which is Best for You

Workplace Culture Types

We often hear the term “workplace culture” or “cultural fit” and that we should find a place to work at which is compatible with our work style. But what does this really mean? How do we know what types of workplaces exist? How do we know what type is best for us?

The first step is to understand your preferences and expectations. Some people like autonomy in their roles while others like having step-by-step guidance. Some people enjoy fast-paced, evolving workplaces, while others prefer consistency and stability with minimal shifts. Similarly to navigating different types of communicators in the workplace, it’s important to understand what’s out there from the context of work environments. These 4 types of workplace culture will help you understand what’s out there and let you determine which one is best for your professional lifestyle. 

1.    Family-Oriented Workplace Culture

In this working environment, you’ll find many commonalities across individuals. This type of workplace is bound together as a family would be, holding the values of loyalty and collaboration. Decision-making involves input from multiple parties to come to a final consensus.  People are a top priority. Accommodating employee and client needs are important and done so by understanding the differences in perspectives. You will see a great deal of mentorship from upper management in contribution to employee development.

  • Values: Long-term development, loyalty, collaboration, sincerity
  • Leadership type: Mentors that engage employees with hands-on
Who is this best for?

If feeling a part of a team is important and loyalty is at your core, this type of environment may be compatible with you. You will feel welcome and a sense of inclusion. Team-work is important. Family-oriented workplaces seek individuals where mutual trustworthy relationships can be built.

  • Do you enjoy working with a team?
  • Do you prioritize the overall success of your organization over individual successes?
  • Do you communicate well with others?
  • Do you enjoy contributing your individual strengths to a collaboration?

2.    Innovative Workplace Culture

You’ll find emphasis on a first mover business strategy in a culture of innovation. Risk-taking behavior is common because the focus is placed on “being the first” at something. You’ll find many creative personalities in this workplace that are comfortable with constant change. Leaders are true innovators. This type of organization is connected through an agile mindset to experiment and test the boundaries when strategizing product and/or services. Investment in technology is often found to be a high priority. Client needs are met by this organization’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Values: ingenuity, creative, risk-taking, dynamic change
  • Leadership types: Innovators that encourage employees to be bold and take risks.
Who is this best for?

Creative personalities are always welcome in innovative workplaces. These types of workplaces seek out of the box thinkers who can bring fresh ideas to the table. If you enjoy diversity in your day-to-day tasks and are a self-starter when it comes to your work, this could be a match for you. Individuals that are independent and confident in their knowledge are desirable.

  • Do you like setting your own goals and processes?
  • Are you an independent thinker?
  • Do you troubleshoot problems on your own?
  • Do you make decisions without needing reassurance?

3.    Results-Driven Workplace Culture

The primary focus in this work environment is to get things done in the most efficient and resourceful manner possible. Leaders provide guidance through a competitive lens with an emphasis on smooth operations. You’ll also find internal competition across employees who compete on productivity levels. The organization is goal-centric, which ties personnel together. Primary goals include increasing market share, finding the best resources, and network expansion to optimize client delivery. It is all about getting results through rival initiatives to increase corporate presence and profitability.

  • Values: market share, competition, productivity, goal setting, results-focused operations, alertness
  • Leadership type: Competitors that drive goal-centric work ethic.
Who is this best for?

If you often gauge success through metrics and are motivated by competition, you will thrive the most in a results-driven work environment. These types of organizations seek people that are driven to do whatever it takes to set the company apart from the competition.

  • Does competition motivate you to work harder?
  • Do you set SMART goals and meet them by a set deadline?
  • Do you like when the value of your work is based on the results you produce?
  • Do you like to win?

4.    Structured Workplace Culture

Everything is conducted by policy and procedures in this type of workplace. Guiding principles are what keep this type of organization united. Formal rules are used to operate the organization and enable seamless product and/or service delivery to clients. Leaders drive coordination to enhance efficiency. In this work environment, tasks are carefully planned out to ensure consistency. Processes are established so that everyone is on the same page and execution is uniform. Use of instructions ensures work is produced similarly with identical outcomes across personnel.

  • Values: efficiency, scheduling, uniformity, consistency, organization
  • Leadership type: Coordinators that establish company structure for everyone to follow.
Who is this best for?

If you like scheduled days and desire formal instructions in your work, a structured workplace may be the right environment for you. These types of organizations often seek individuals who are good with compliance and can carefully follow work instructions.

  • Do you like daily routines?
  • Do you like when others layout a formal process to complete objectives?
  • Do you pay careful attention to detail?
  • Do you prefer traditionalism in the workplace?


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