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6 Things to Give Up to Be Successful

6 things to give up to be successful

Being successful comes at an expense. The truth of the matter is that we cannot do it all. Sacrifice must be made if we are looking to gain in other areas of our lives. This is certainly true when it comes to success. Adopting a growth mindset and giving up bad habits will help you maximize your potential.  If you are looking to improve your self-fulfillment, try giving up these 6 things to be successful.

1.    Give up on fantasizing about the future.

Stop daydreaming about what you wish or hope things to be and start taking action. Continuous daydreaming about being success results in just that – a dream about success. Instead of exerting energy on imagining success with no real plans, start strategizing a plan of how to get there and how to achieve your success goals. Using the SMART goals framework can help you outline a tangible plan towards success.

2.    Give up on seeking validation.

You are the only person who can validate your own actions. Approval seeking behavior stems from the fear of social rejection. If you constantly find yourself trying to please everyone, you may rely too much on the approval of others. Once you recognize that it is impossible to make everyone happy, you can stop seeking validation from others. It is important to be confident in your own judgment and stay true to that without having others confirm your success.

3.    Give up on downplaying your health.

Being the healthiest versions of ourselves should be a top priority.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to achieve anything? The last thing you want to face is health-related medical problems that are preventable.  A scientific link shows healthy eating increases productivity levels. Incorporate a healthy diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep into your routine.  

4.    Give up staying in your comfort zone.

Staying comfortable only holds you back from reaching your full potential. Pushing ourselves to be adventurous expands our self-awareness. This is a must if you want to be successful. The most innovative business professionals did not peak success through complacency. They seek opportunities to be different. Knowledge is fundamental for success to take place. Taking risks and exploring new opportunities extends your knowledge base to position yourself on a path to success.  

5.    Give up on non-value added people.

You're a product of your own environment, which includes the people in your surroundings. There will always be people that have accomplished less than you and people that have accomplished more. Think of the people in your environment as a totality of who you will become. If you spend most your time around people that refuse to take action, make excuses for their situation, or continue to think that pure luck will make their dreams come true, this will negatively impact your motivation, alongside opportunities to be successful.  

It is important to circle yourself with likeminded people. Successful people surround themselves with others that have something to offer.

6.    Give up on procrastination.

Stop waiting for the right moment because it may never come.  Use your time wisely because every minute wasted could have been a minute used towards being successful. Make the most of your time and plan to use it in a way that will enrich your purpose in life. If you think you are wasting time, evaluate your time usage. How can you allocate it better towards productivity? How can you work smarter, not harder? Put your energy into value-added activities that will bring you closer to your end goal.


Remember that success isn’t about over analyzing ourselves, but rather trusting our judgment to direct us on a path to be successful.  Making positive choices, maximizing our time, and taking action are simple ways to help guide you in the process.


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