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Top 5 Career Insights for 2019

Top 5 Career Insights for 2019

As the New Year approaches, this is a great time to think about your career goals for 2019. In addition to thinking of careers goals, it is just as important to establish a plan to achieve them. Maybe you want to move up the ranks, refine your skill set, or start a whole new career altogether – but how do you make it happen? All of these require preparation and commitment.

We know how important it is to achieve your goals, so we are sharing our top 5 career insights to help you break through a successful and rewarding career journey.

1. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

If you always stay comfortable, you will never know what else is out there. Take a risk and push yourself to do something you thought you couldn’t. You may surprise yourself. Being adventurous allows you to branch out and discover new opportunities that may peak your interest.

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2. Knowledge is power, so keep acquiring it. 

The most successful people know that learning is a never-ending process and always open themselves up to new opportunities. Maybe there are new skills you would like to acquire to make yourself more competitive or even other skills you’d like to become more proficient in – so what are you waiting for? Educational opportunities come in so many forms such as listening to podcasts, following online tutorials, or attending guest lectures.

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3. Strengthen your communication skills. 

As you know, there are many types of people in the workplace. This is why It is pivotal to understand how to communicate with different types of people. Being able to identify different types of communicators in the workplace will help you fine tune your message dependent on specific individuals. Being a strong communicator is essential for long term career success.

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4. Get your LinkedIn profile up to speed.

It’s nothing new that LinkedIn is known as the social media network for professionals to network, build business relationships, find talent, and search for job opportunities. If you are looking to make yourself known for new job opportunities, it is important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. Strengthening your profile to All-Star status will make the world of difference.  

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5. Set SMART Goals.

When planning career goals, it is important to establish SMART goals. This framework will help you better organize your thoughts to successfully reach your end goal. In addition, it will also help break down goals into small digestible steps so they aren’t so overwhelming. By practicing SMART goal setting, you will see results as you make real progress towards the finish line.

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Take some time to mindfully think about your career desires for 2019. It will be well worth it to devise a career plan that aligns with your goals for long term results. For more advice, check out all of our career insight blog posts.


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